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Peaceful in-home euthanasia services available.

Helpful Weblinks

L.A. County Animal Care & Control (Agoura Animal Shelter)
<> The Department of Animal Care & Control promotes and protects public safety and animal care through sheltering and pet placement programs.
Ventura County Animal Care & Control (Camarillo Animal Shelter) <> Ventura County’s main animal shelter website. Find your missing pet or adopt a new one. "

California Wildlife Center <>  A local wildlife facility that rescues, rehabilitates, and releases orphaned and injured native wildlife.

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals <> The nationally recognized animal rights organization’s website contains tons of information and resources to help you keep your pet healthy and safe.

American Veterinary Medical Association <> The American Veterinary Medical Association’s website has a lot of useful articles on pet ownership.

Dental Info for Pet Owners <> This site teaches all the basics of keeping your pet’s teeth clean and healthy.

Southern California Rattlesnake Avoidance Training <> This site provides an alternative way to train your dog to prevent encounters with rattlesnakes and their venom.

Veterinary Partners Pet Owner Info <> Learn more about your pet’s medical conditions, medications, therapies, surgery, behavior, and safety at this easy-to-use site.

Dog Breed Info <>  Search by category of dog to learn more about specific dog breeds.

Accuvet/Luxar Surgical Lasers <> Pet owner  information on surgical lasers for pets.
Novartis Animal Health <>  Pet health and parasite prevention information for dogs and cats.

Pets Best Pet Insurance <>  Full-coverage pet insurance for dogs and cats.

K-LASER Veterinary <> Learn how the benefits of  laser therapy can benefit your pet in so many ways.

Shelter Hope <> Great group for adopting small dogs and to give donations to help care for rescued dogs and cats.

Companion Animal Parasite Council The leading authority on animal parasites – Great and informative site!

ASPCA Poison Control

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