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My puppy just recently severed an artery and a couple tendons in her paw, she almost bleed out and died! I rushed her to The Village Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Innes and his team took really good care of her. I had called ahead of time telling them I was on my way and they were ready for her and took quick action to get her stable and start surgery. She is now in a cast and doing well. They saved my dog she would have died!!

The day after the surgery and every visit after I have received a phone call from Dr. Innes himself just to check in to make sure Josey (my vizsla) is doing ok and give me further advise on keeping her healthy.

-Jessica U – Oak Park, Ca

We purchased our first pet dog last year and was recommended by the pet store to take our furry friend over to the village veterinary hospital. Being a first time dog owner, I was (and still am) constantly worried about my dog’s health. That being said, I used to constantly call the office to ask for advice and help, and the staff at Village Vet were (and still are) very patient, respectful, helpful, and incredibly approachable. This also goes for Dr. Innes, the Vet. Our dog has allergy issues and Dr. Innes has been very thorough in addressing and remedying his problems. Even though our dog is a little monster, Dr. Innes handles him with care and a smile, never getting frustrated at my dog’s stubborn ways. This makes taking our pooch to him even more reassuring because we know that our dog is in trustworthy hands and will get the best treatment. Whats really great is that whenever we make an appointment, the staff tries to fit us in as soon as possible, to avoid long waits. That is really awesome.
As for costs, like the previous reviewer said, "you get what you pay for." I know that Dr. Innes is much better than many other vets around my area, so its worth taking my dog to him. In general, though, his pricing is about the same as any other vet, so no complaints there.
For the service and treatment you get for your dog, the incredibly friendly and helpful staff, and an overall great vet, I really suggest this veterinary clinic. Like I said before, being a first time dog owner, I have learned a lot about dogs from Dr. Innes and his staff, and know that my dog is in good hands.

- Alan G. – Camarillo, CA

We have been going to Dr. Innes for over ten years with all our dogs. We wouldn’t trust anyone else with our beloved animals. He is very knowledgeable and an excellent surgeon. Our lab just had surgery and is recovering amazingly fast. Dr. Innes once again did a subperb job. His compassion and love for animals is definitely seen when dealing with my youngest dog who tends to get hyper & anxiety ridden when visiting the vet. Dr. Innes understands your financial budget and is always willing to work with you as best he can. We wouldn’t go anywhere else. I recommend him to everyone.

- Marie K. – Westlake Village, CA

For the past 12 years, I’ve received pet care at Village Veterinary Hospital.  I’m always pleased with the amount of time Dr. Innes spends with me and my animals. Since I do a lot of research on my own, I’m always aware of the pro’s and con’s around treatments and I always appreciate Dr. Innes honest approach to the care and related costs. Its important to be given options when they are available and I appreciate the current and up to date pet advice given. The staff is great.  They are friendly and always eager to help. As would be expected, I’ve lost a few pets along the way, and I can’t say enough about the caring, compassionate care that I’ve received,  I highly recommend the care.

- Denise D. – Westlake Village, CA

I’ve been taking my dog to Dr. Innes since he was nine weeks old. He’s going to be 10 years old in February. During that time my dog has had some illnesses and needed treatment that occurred over a period of months. My opinion of Dr. Innes is that he’s very well educated, thorough, and extremely reliable. I haven’t been left alone concerned about my pet once. His illness has been taken from start to finish with complete competence and care. He’s never hard to reach and has a TRULY great staff. Both friendly and knowledgeable and with a huge amount of patience.
I like Dr. Innes also because he’s didn’t hesitate to offer me hope and help that went a bit beyond what one would expect, offering me a medical treatment that involved a blood donation from his own dog.
With regard to costs, the old saying "you get what you pay for" holds true. My sister had a service dog—yellow lab— she took to a vet close to where she lived in Thousand Oaks and that vet was more costly than Dr. Innes. No vet is inexpensive from what I hear from my groomer and others. Another sister I have lives in CO and the vets there charge just as much. It’s something we have to live with and realize that vets have high costs for products and services to deal with too. Nothing is set up in the animal world like an HMO. Maybe someone should start one.
In closing I would also like to say that I LIKE Dr. Innes. He is obviously more than capable and I feel I’ve done the best for my animal that I possibly could by taking him to Dr. Innes. That’s the bottom line when dealing with a member of the family—-peace of mind about their well being—-PRICELESS!!!!!

- Joy B. – THousand Oaks, CA

My dogs are a very big part of our family and recently, when my 8 year old Labrador tore her ACL, the first thing I did was call The Village Veterinary Hospital. The staff was very helpful in getting her in to see the doctor quickly and Dr. Innes calmed my "mommy" nerves by explaining exactly what had happened and what we needed to do. He didn’t beat around the bush like other Veterinarians have with me in the past, he got straight to the point and gave me my options. He gave me an estimate in advanced and didn’t charge me  ridiculous, money-making fees. I was confident in his work and scheduled the TTA surgery with him. That same day, my dog came home ready to chase her ball again. Of course she wasn’t allowed to, but I knew she had been well taken care of. I thank him and his staff for such a personable experience every time we come in and for giving my girl the quality of life she deserves.

- Sally H. – Malibu, CA

We started off taking our two dogs to WESTLAKE ANIMAL HOSPITAL but were less than pleased.  They were more expensive, gave unnecessary vaccinations and tests that were expensive and also unnecessary.  We didn’t want to pay for the decor! After friendly referrals and reading good reviews for Dr. Innes we decided to give him a try.  It’s been a good year and a half and I’m so glad that we switched.  Staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. They are also very upfront when it comes to any costs that may be incurred.  If there is more than one alternative in treatment, they let you know and they also let you know why, how much the price difference is and what is best for your pet.  Our dogs are members of our family, so it is so important to have a vet that cares about them too.  I highly recommend Dr. Innes and The Village Veterinary Hospital.

- Mary A. – Westlake Village, CA

* I am so thankful I was referred to Dr. Innes for the care of my beloved pet George. I found the staff to be very knowledgeable, and the care my pet was given, was exceptional. He was nursed back to health and he is still here with me to keep me company. I thought there was such professionalism, loving care and such a caring touch to all my interactions with the staff. I was called every morning to let me know how my beloved pet was doing, and I was able to visit her daily. After George came home with me, I was called to ask how he was doing. This was in great contrast to when I was recently at another (more flashy) Westlake Hospital. It was just about money, get me in and get me out, and no calls afterwards to check on me. I think my George received better care than I do from my doctor.  I was very pleased with everything and strongly recommend Dr. Innes and staff.

- Angelica F. – Westlake Village, CA

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